Why 59 Steps?

So, what is so special about the number 59? Aside from it being a prime number, it was the number used in a saying that I love – it’s from my dad.

You know the saying, “Daddy’s girl?” Well, that was me. I still am a daddy’s girl I guess…still, at the age of 44, I call him daddy in my mind. Losing him nearly nine years ago to a heart attack was my deepest sorrow. It has forever changed me. The reason for my record label being called, “59 Steps Music, Inc.” and choosing to write 59 examples in my book is for a reason other than it is an odd number.

I wrote a song entitled “Now….Here” which is the title track to my first album…it was a reflection of where I was at that time in my life – – one heartache after another…one crisis after another…mountains of debt…you get the idea…and my dad died before I could create the album.

One of the lyrics in that song is: “Why has it been so hard taking 59 steps where others took 3?” Here then is the story behind 59 Steps: My dad used to joke with me that whenever I had my heart set on something that it would always take me 59 steps where for others it would take 3. He loved to say that because it just sounded so ridiculous – he knew it would make me giggle…he was also venting his frustration that things were never (as in, not ever) easy for me.

He passed before I had finished my Doctorate…moved to a beautiful place…financially got out of the MASSIVE hole I was in because of having to sue for my green card – yup. You read that right…like I said, one tragedy after another.

My daddy also said (and I left this out): that because I’ve had to take those 59 steps that I was a better person for it, and he wouldn’t want anyone else in the world as a daughter but me. He was the only man (and I do mean the only man) to ever unconditionally love me – no matter what. I haven’t had that experience again. Anyway, if you got to this page then you suffered from mild curiosity…now…get back to work! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why 59 Steps?

  1. Wow! Dr.. Laura 59 steps, your Daddy, your journey. You are such a musician and brainiac. Forrest Suchey attended Pacific Chorale Festival Prep Class 2015

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