Enjoying Music Theory

Go to www.enjoyingmusictheory.com if you want to access the materials that accompany Laura’s theory book.

The whole site is password protected because it contains materials that are used with the purchase of the book “Enjoying Music Theory, 2nd Edition.”

You will be sent the password once you have bought the book. It is not a high level form of security by any means. Laura is hoping that her information will be purchased prior to use but in a world what some call the ‘interwebs’ (a fad that doesn’t seem to be disappearing) nothing is completely protected any longer.

What is different about this theory book in comparison to others is that it is ‘organically growing.’ What we mean is that as Laura has been writing the book, she has decided that since music involves, well, sound…that it would be beneficial to have a location where clients can go to have live examples on subjects covered in the book.

For the moment, this concludes the Music Educator section (though not permanently).


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